Carpal Tunnel Syndrome From Repetitive Actions At Work

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Some of the most common workplace injuries gradually develop over time due to repeated and consistent strain on the body of a worker. Carpal tunnel represents the most frequently reported of these injuries, also known as repetitive trauma or stress injuries, in the State of California.

This post will outline what you should know about repetitive trauma and stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, particularly if you have developed the condition due to repetitive workplace tasks. It will outline the signs and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and how you can file for worker’s compensation benefits for these types of repetitive trauma and stress injuries in California.

Defining Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Of all the repetitive stress and trauma injuries, carpal tunnel injuries are notorious for being one of the most painful.

According to experts from the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, carpal tunnel syndrome results from pressure on your median nerve, which provides motor function to your hand, wrist, and forearm. Your carpal tunnel is a narrow area surrounded by ligament and bone on the palm side of your hand. When your median nerve becomes compressed, you may experience symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome, which can result in a variety of symptoms and problems affecting the hand and wrist, including:

  • tingling sensations
  • numbness
  • intense, persistent pain
  • a decline in your range of motion
  • overall general weakness

Like most other repetitive trauma injuries, the development of carpal tunnel injuries will likely occur gradually. As a result, no specific incident or accident can be reported as the root cause of the problem, like with other workplace injuries. Carpel tunnel syndrome and its symptoms tend to worsen over time.

Filing for California Workers Compensation Awards for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Those who suffer from carpal tunnel injuries and other workplace-related repetitive stress traumas can file for workers’ compensation in California.  

Certain work-related actions, such as keyboard use or other activities that involve repeatedly using one’s hands, have been directly tied to a carpal tunnel injury.

Compared to other worker compensation claims in California, filing a successful workers comp claim for a repetitive strain injury like carpal tunnel syndrome can be challenging, but it is not impossible. Two specific issues need to be considered when filing a carpal tunnel workers’ compensation claim in California:

You should file your carpal tunnel syndrome workers’ compensation claim promptly.  

Workers are responsible for reporting their carpal tunnel symptoms to their employer and seeking medical attention, all in a timely fashion. Timing plays an essential role in any California workers’ compensation claim. Therefore, it is crucial to track and clarify, to your best ability, when you began to develop carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms when you reported them to your employer, and what steps you took to seek medical treatment.

You must demonstrate that the cause of your carpal tunnel syndrome is work-related.

When filing a workers’ compensation claim for carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive trauma injuries in California, you must be able to demonstrate causation. In other words, you will be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits in California for carpal tunnel syndrome only when you establish that it developed “out of and in the normal course of business,” according to The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California. That means, in essence, that you must prove that your carpal tunnel syndrome is reasonably associated with your employment.

The Importance of Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Please be aware that your employer or their insurer could attempt to undermine your efforts to prove causation to deny you the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. If you plan to file a workers’ compensation claim related to carpal tunnel syndrome or have had your claim denied, it is imperative that you seek the support and guidance of a California workers comp attorney with experience in such cases. A workers comp attorney can assist you in gathering and assembling all the records, documents, and information necessary to proceed with a workers’ compensation claim for repetitive stress injury.

The California workers’ compensation attorneys from Aoudi Law are here to help. Our experienced team of workers’ comp experts has helped countless California workers, from construction workers to government employees, get the compensation they deserve following job-related repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

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