Most Common Work Injuries

Common Work Injuries

No matter your occupation, job responsibilities, or the environment in which you work, as a California worker, you likely face various injury risks every day. As a result, California requires that employers carry workers’ comp insurance to compensate you if you are hurt while working. The good news about workers’ compensation in California is that it is available to you in case of a workplace accident, regardless of fault. In addition, these critical benefits cover a broad range of injury types.

Because different workplace injuries will present distinctive challenges for every victim, an experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney is your best bet for obtaining the compensation you deserve after suffering an on-the-job injury.

Common Work Injuries in Orange County


Here are the most widespread workplace injuries suffered by those who are hurt on the job in California:

Spinal Cord and Back Injuries

Jobs requiring you to do heavy lifting or other types of physical labor, including employment in the construction and agricultural industries, can cause injuries to the soft tissues, including muscle strains, pulls, and sprains. These jobs also put employees at risk of spinal injuries such as herniated or slipped discs.

In severe cases, where workers fall from great heights or are involved in heavy machinery or vehicle accidents, they may suffer a catastrophic injury to their spinal cord, resulting in life-altering paralysis, severely impacting their ability to earn a living.

Neck or Head Injuries

When it comes to physically strenuous jobs, neck strains are not uncommon. That is even true in jobs where employees must remain in one position over long periods. Slip and falls, collisions or other accidents that result in a blunt force impact may cause a concussion, skull fracture, or a traumatic brain injury that can temporarily or even permanently disable you.

Shoulder, Knee, or Joint Injuries

Repetitive motions and heavy lifting may stress shoulders, knees, or other joints. While a joint injury can be immediate, like a ligament tear or a dislocation, others, such as tennis elbow, tendonitis, bursitis, and other repetitive stress conditions, can develop over long periods.

Vision or Hearing Loss

Employees in work environments that involve repeated or long-term exposure to noise, such as in the manufacturing or construction industries, are at risk of hearing loss. Vision loss is often experienced by those who have suffered a traumatic head or eye injury.

These types of sensory impairments may affect your ability to earn a living, entitling you to disability benefits that are either temporary or permanent.

Work-Related Illnesses or Diseases

California workers’ comp benefits extend to illnesses and diseases, including when employees develop diseases from long-term hazardous material exposure. That sort of illness is common in the construction industry among workers who may have been exposed to lead, asbestos, or other hazardous materials while working, leading to respiratory issues or cancer.

Those in the healthcare industry exposed to contagious diseases, including COVID-19, can also qualify for workers’ comp in California.

Collecting California Workers’ Compensation Benefits Following a Workplace Injury


As outlined above, workers’ comp benefits in California are not always limited to an injury suffered from an accident. You can file a workers’ compensation claim related to repetitive strain injuries or other conditions that may develop in time. You can even file following aggravation of some pre-existing condition or injury.

Particularly in cases where no specific incident or accident occurred causing your injury, you should have a seasoned workers’ compensation attorney in your corner. A California workers’ comp attorney can help prove that your job duties are responsible for your current condition.

The California workers’ compensation attorneys from Aoudi Law can help. Our experienced team of workers’ comp experts has helped countless California workers, from construction workers to government employees, get the compensation they deserve following a job-related injury.

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