The Top Five Workplace Injuries and Illnesses in California

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According to reports from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly half a million California residents suffer work-related injuries annually. These workplace injuries range from moderate to severe, temporary to permanent, sometimes resulting in death.

Whether you work in a factory, a construction site, an office building, a supermarket, or other environments, you are not immune to workplace hazards. Thankfully, California law protects workers who have been injured on the job to ensure they get the compensation they deserve after suffering an illness or injury at work.

Just as some industries may pose a greater risk of injury than others, certain workplace injuries in California are more commonplace than others. Continue reading to learn about the top five workplace injuries and illnesses among California workers filing workers’ compensation claims.

#1. Slips and Falls in the Workplace

Data released by the California Department of Industrial Relations shows that trips, slips, and falls are common causes of workplace injuries in California. Slippery surfaces and disorderly spaces are prime culprits in workplace slip and fall cases.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall at work, you might be entitled to workers’ comp benefits if the injury resulted from employer negligence, co-worker negligence, or even if you were at fault.

#2. Heavy Lifting Injuries

Suffering shoulder, neck, and back injuries from heavy lifting in the workplace are not uncommon. In fact, heavy lifting is a widespread cause of workplace injury in California.  

Employees who work in maintenance, construction, factory settings, and stockrooms across California are often expected to lift or carry heavy items as a function of their job. However, repeatedly performing these tasks over time can increase the risk of injury.

When such injuries occur while the individual is performing duties that are part of their employment, they can file a claim to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

#3. Injuries from Falling or Flying Objects

Being hit by a falling or a flying object is one widespread cause of injury in the workplace. In fact, thousands of workers in California are struck by an object in the workplace every year.

A falling or flying object can be a severe hazard to workers. Unfortunately, anything can become a workplace hazard, from personal items and construction materials to tools, machinery, and even safety equipment. When one of these objects falls from great heights, as is often the case, the consequences may be incredibly severe. Broken bones, brain injuries, and skull fractures are all-too-common in falling and flying debris cases.

#4. Repetitive Stress and Repetitive Trauma Injuries

While it might sound like less of a “big deal” than being struck by a flying object, the long-term or permanent muscle and tendon injuries caused by repeated motions being made over long periods can be equally debilitating.

Repetitive stress-related injuries are one of the most common injuries among California workers and workers across the country. Repetitive trauma can cause lasting damage to ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves, affecting the victim’s ability to earn a living and their overall quality of life.  

One of the most common forms of repetitive stress injury is carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a legitimate injury when filing for California’s workers’ compensation.

#5. Toxic Substance and Hazardous Material Exposure

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimates that 32 million employees in the US are exposed to hazardous chemicals and toxic substances in the workplace, posing a wide range of threats to their health. Chemical exposure can have an immediate adverse effect on the body or take its toll over a long period. Either way, the consequences are often severe.

In California, anyone suffering from a workplace injury or illness related to toxic substance exposure can file a workers’ comp claim and receive compensation to cover medical expenses and lost income.

How Contacting a California Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Help

For anyone who has suffered from any of the top five workplace injuries in California listed above, you’ll want to ensure that you receive the maximum coverage available through your workers’ compensation claim. The best way is to hire an expert California Workers’ Compensation attorney.

The workers’ compensation experts and workplace injury attorneys from Aoudi Law can help. The professional staff at Aoudi Law has helped countless California employees get the compensation they deserve following a workplace injury. From carpal tunnel syndrome to slip and fall accidents at work and everything in between, Aoudi Law has you covered.

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