Vision and Hearing Loss Due to Work-Related Injuries in California

Work-Related Injuries

Sight and sound are two of our most precious senses, enabling us to work, play, and live fully. When a workplace accident results in injuries that affect a person’s ability to see or hear, their life can become forever altered.

Work-related hearing loss can range from mild to severe, from partial or temporary to permanent hearing loss in one or both ears. Vision loss can also be mild to severe, ranging from minor vision problems to permanent blindness in one or both eyes.

A wide variety of workplace accidents in California can result in vision or hearing loss. Thankfully, anyone who suffers these types of injuries while on the job is entitled to workers’ compensation.

Causes of Vision and Hearing Loss in the Workplace

California employees at risk of hearing or vision loss are usually working in an environment in which they are exposed to the following risks: 

  • excessive light exposure
  • exposure to toxic chemicals
  • catastrophic falls
  • explosions
  • electrocution

Extended exposure to or interaction with bright lights or toxic chemicals, for example, is detrimental to work performance and can affect long-term vision. In addition, dangerous machinery or slip-and-fall hazards can result in accidents causing brain and spinal cord injuries, which can alter a person’s hearing.

Those who work in an environment where explosion risks are present can suffer permanent hearing loss in the case of a workplace explosion. Similarly, electrocution is a threat in many California work settings and can cause vision loss that ranges from blurriness, tunnel vision, and blind spots to permanent blindness.

Often, California construction workers and those working in industrial settings are at a greater risk of injury resulting in vision or hearing loss.

Preventing Workplace Injuries Causing Hearing and Vision Loss

No matter what industry you work in, hazardous situations are present in every work setting. Without knowledge, preparation, and safety equipment, you could be susceptible to injury that causes vision and hearing loss.

Anyone working in some of the more high-risk fields should have their baseline vision and hear regularly tested, preferably before starting a job, during the job, and upon completion.

Workers should use safety equipment, including goggles and earplugs when working in environments with dangerous materials or loud equipment.

What to Do in The Case of Vision or Hearing Loss Due to a Work-Related Injury

If you have been hurt at work and have suffered hearing or vision loss, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation to cover lost wages, medical expenses, future wage loss, mental or emotional trauma, and more.

The coverage you receive from a California worker’s comp claim will depend upon the circumstances surrounding the accident and the severity of your hearing or vision loss. A California workers’ comp attorney can help you navigate the complicated workers’ compensation claims process and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve following a workplace accident resulting in vision or hearing loss.

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