Why Do Workers’ Compensation Claims Take So Long?

Workers’ Compensation Claims

As if being injured in a work-related accident is not stressful on its own, dealing with the California worker’s compensation system is oftentimes an even more frustrating and complicated experience. As a result of the system’s notoriously complex and anti-worker structure, applicants generally encounter a number of obstacles and complications along the way, especially delays in treatment and payment.

Common Delays in Receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Below are some of the most common delays in getting your workers’ compensation benefits or taking your case to a hearing:

  • You delayed or made mistakes when filing your claim – even the smallest mistake in your paperwork can delay the process.
  • Your employer may delay following up on your work injury claim due to negligence, ignorance, or poor communication between supervisors. 
  • Setting an appointment to see a medical professional who can provide an opinion about your injuries.
  • Court calendar issues to getting your case heard in front of a judge.
  • Delays related to processing paperwork or investigating your claim.
  • The insurance company’s requirement is to send you to a qualified medical examination (QME) for a second opinion (and if the QME physician disagrees with the primary treating physician, the case can come to a standstill until the parties can negotiate an agreement or until a hearing takes place).
  • The insurance company’s reluctance to pay – they may intentionally take their time and search for any reason to deny payment.

However, it can be difficult to tell where the delays are occurring. This is why you should follow up if you think there is a delay in your workers’ compensation claim. It is important to note that the insurance company may take you more seriously if you are represented by an experienced Orange County workers’ compensation lawyer with a successful track record who will fight for you to ensure the best outcome for your claim.

Uncommon Delays in Workers’ Compensation

There are some uncommon delays that can occur in the handling of a workers’ compensation case, such as:

  • Sickness of the physician evaluating your claim
  • Death of the physician evaluating your claim
  • Retirement of the physician evaluating your claim
  • Resignation and/or disqualification of the evaluating physician

How You Can Avoid Additional Delays

While some delays are out of anyone’s control, you can greatly reduce your chances of experiencing a delay by taking certain important steps. Some of the more important things you can do to avoid the delay in receiving workers’ compensation benefits include:  

  • Attending all medical appointments
  • Tell the truth and not withhold any information at your deposition and medical appointments
  • Hire an experienced Orange County workers’ compensation attorney who will not only help you understand and navigate the system but also ensures that you attain the best possible outcome for your claim.

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